Piccolo Ristorante

2826 East Commercial Blvd Ft Lauderdale, FL 33308

Photo credit: Jason Dixon 8 Shades of Blue

Photo credit: Jason Dixon 8 Shades of Blue

At Piccolo Ristorante, we pride ourselves on offering our guests a one of a kind "dining experience".  When we decided to open Piccolo Ristorante, our main goal was to bring back the meaning of "dining".  Still to this day in Europe, people frequently take more than two hours when they go out to a restaurant to eat; sadly, in the U.S., we rush in and out in less than two hours.  At Piccolo Ristorante, we want each of our guests to have the opportunity to sit down, relax, enjoy the food and wine and most importantly the people they are with.  You will never feel rushed when you dine with us.  We encourage our guests to savor every moment, every sip and every bite! So come and dine with us and enjoy a true dining experience for yourselves!  

Authentic Italian Restaurant Fort Lauderdale, FL

“Whether it’s date-night or gathering around a table with friends, Piccolo’s is about the dining experience.”
— Tracey S.
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