Piccolo Ristorante

2826 East Commercial Blvd Ft Lauderdale, FL 33308

The power of presentation

When we eat, we rely on our senses for the full experience.  Many times, the first thing is the aroma, like the smell of the fresh baked focaccia as it comes out of the kitchen.  Next is when you see the dish, say for example, Chef's Crab Cake Tower with all the color combinations.  And last but not at all least, when you finally taste the dish, you get to experience all the flavors and textures come together.  When the whole process comes together, it is nothing short of sensory overload!

Chef Andres takes all of this into consideration as he creates each and every one of his dishes.  Whether it his Rosemary Roasted Salmon paired with perfectly grilled Asparagus, or his Jumbo Shrimp over Squid Ink Spaghetti with its contrasting colors, all of his dishes are works of art.  Take one aspect of the dish and change it, whether it be a change in side dish or pasta, it inevitably changes the entire experience of the dish.  There are countless restaurants in Fort Lauderdale, many of them are even Italian Restaurants.  But of the Italian restaurants in Fort Lauderdale, we pride ourselves on being one of the few to offer our guests unique, authentic Italian dishes which are beautifully designed by Chef Andres.

Prior to entering into the culinary world and culinary school, Chef Andres got his bachelors degree in fine arts.  While his focus was in computer animation, he took a wide variety of art classes, painting being his favorite, throughout his educational career.  One look at his dish presentations and you will see that art background at work.  When his plates hit the table and the response is "OH! Wow! Look at that! How pretty!" - you know he has created yet another masterpiece.