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Want to know one of the secrets to Chef's delicious Amatriciana?

Did you know that the original Amatriciana pasta was made with just pork and pecorino cheese?  The dish originates in a small town near Rome called Amatrice.  Tomatoes were added to the dish in the 1500s when finally introduced to Italy after the Spanish invaded.  Today, the classic recipe often adds Pepperoncino (crushed red pepper) to give it a little kick.  But, did you know that Chef Andres adds something a little special?  
Chef Andres' Amatriciana recipe calls for Balsamic Carmelized Onions.  This addition adds just the touch of sweet to balance the spicy.  He carmelizes his Spanish Onions, then makes a delicious Balsamic Glaze and adds a touch of sugar.  DELIZIOSO!