Piccolo Ristorante

2826 East Commercial Blvd Ft Lauderdale, FL 33308


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Born and raised in Kansas, Alison always felt a calling to sunny South Florida.  After graduating from Kansas State University with a degree in Interior Design, Spanish and Leadership, she spent a few years in Kansas City before making the big move.  Just a few short months after moving, she and Chef Andres ended up working in the same restaurant together.  And as they say, the rest is history.

With a background in leadership, it was an easy transition from the design world to the hospitality industry.  Before opening up Piccolo, Alison spent a few years as assistant manager and bar manager of a couple of different local restaurants.  Her experience in the "front of house" was critical in the creation of Piccolo since it was a match for the talents that Chef Andres brings to the kitchen.

Alison's love for authentic personalized service is evident and one of the driving forces behind Piccolo's "unique dining experience".  You can feel her warmth and passion as she greets and takes care of each guest.  "Ensuring everyone has the perfect dining experience is my ultimate goal" she says.  Make your reservation now and get a taste of the mid-western charm and hospitality that she brings to the table.